Technology – Access Array System is the first high-throughput, target-enrichment system designed to work with all of the major next-generation sequencing instruments, including MiSeq. The Access Array System enables the user to enrich multiple unique targets (such as exons) from a large number of samples, all at one time. The system combines the cost and throughput benefits of microfluidics with the proven performance and flexibility of PCR.

Custom-designed primer sets amplify (and tag) PCR products for sequencing.

The Access Array enables simultaneous analysis of 48 samples on 48 amplicons. Furthermore, the system also creates the possibility for multiplexing, allowing fast, simple, and inexpensive preparation of up to 480 amplicons per sample at a time.

This capability is ideal for analysis of large sample sets across focused genomic regions to better understand genetic variation.


· SNP analysis (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)
· CNV analysis (Copy Number Variation)
· mutation detection
· methylation analysis
· metagenome analysis
· single cell analysis

Service step by step:

· Assistance in experimental set-up
· Panels design with Access Array for the specific analyses
· Target Enrichment
· Sample Barcoding for Multiplexed Sequencing
· Sequencing Library Preparation Using Amplicon Tagging on MiSeq
· Bioinformatic analysis (optional)