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Veterinarian genetics, DNA animal tests

The project “Development and implementation of innovative tests in the area of veterinarian genetics for selected animal species” realized within the program 1.4 POIG.

The purpose of the project is to develop and implement in the offering of DNA Research Center innovative and comprehensive veterinary genetic diagnostic tests to identify:

  • affinity among selected breeding animals
  • mutations of genes conditioning genetic diseases among selected breeding animals

The tests, which are currently being developed by DNA Research Center shall be very beneficial for animal breeding.

In animal breeding, reliability of pedigree records is extremely important. When buying young pedigree animals, people assess their value on the basis of their progenitors’ value. Conscious breeding work strives at consolidating the required physical and mental features. Intentional or non-intentional pedigree forging disturbs such processes. Another possibility to utilize the developed affinity tests shall be the identification of lost and then found animals, which is often the case of homing pigeons. A frequent phenomenon is bird disappearances during homing pigeon races, especially in bad weather conditions. Some of the birds are then found in other pigeon farms but due to accidental or intentional loss or dislodgment of rings, there is no method at present which would facilitate making a reliable genetic identification.

Another problem in animal breeding is a large number of genetic diseases, arising from close affinity in the population. Genetic testing of breeding animals on carrying genetic diseases may facilitate eliminating this problem. Genetic diagnostics of diseases shall be an important tool helping veterinarians to make a proper diagnosis and start treatment. Besides, fast and effective diagnostics of tick-related diseases, very frequent among dogs, may be highly appreciated.

Another issue, important in animal breeding, is the colorings, which in case of some species may be an important decisive factor in qualifying or disqualifying animals for reproduction.

The developed diagnostic tests shall be based on modern testing methods, such as DNA Microarray, allolo-specific PCR and Real-Time PCR.

Financing agreement number: UDA-POIG.01.04.00-30-015/11

Project’s qualified value: PLN 4,938,600
Financing value: PLN 3,705,880

Project realization period: The project is realized in a period from 01.10.2011 until 30.09.2015

Project coordinator: Jacek Wojciechowicz  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.