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IM/013, IM/014 Toxoplasma gondii, ELISA IgM and/ or IgG class

The test is based on identifying specific IgM and/ or IgG class antibodies for Toxoplasma gondii in human plasma. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite causing toxoplasmosis. The reservoir for it are mainly cat-like animals. In case of humans the cause of infection is eating infected products or being bitten  by a tick.

Non-treated toxoplasmosis may be especially dangerous for pregnant women as this parasite easily transfers through placenta increasing the risk of infecting a developing fetus. During the infection with a protozoon Toxoplasma gondii in the beginning of the primal immunology response, antibodies of class IgM come up, and their detection facilitates recognizing an early infection stage. IgM antibodies are characterized with a low affinity level to antigen, only the IgG class antibodies which develop at a later stage become another and more specific weapon in the struggle against the pathogen.

It should be remembered that the immunology response normally develops after 3-4 weeks (class IgM), which means that serological tests are of little value in diagnosing early stages of the disease. On the other hand, the presence of antibodies (class IgG) may prevail for years and that is why the test cannot be used for treatment monitoring.

Sample type: plasma, serum

Delivery and storage: at 4-8°C

Testing method: ELISA

Turn out time: up to 7 work days