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910 Diagnostics of colorectal cancer – analysis of somatic mutations of KRAS gene (12 and 13 codon of protein sequence)

The test facilitates analyzing mutation in codons 12 and 13 of KRAS gene (location of the most frequent mutations). Gene KRAS encodes protein, which is one of the most frequently activated oncogenes in pancreas cancer, thyroid carcinoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and myeloid leukemia with people. Approximately 90% of mutations in this gene occur in codons 12 and 13.

Defining the status of KRAS gene  in tissue of neoplastic tumor is necessary before starting therapy addressed at inhibiting EGFR receptor. The form of the gene may be decisive in respect of successful therapy targeted at advanced colorectal cancer (panitumumabem, cetuximabem, etc.), based on stopping the propagation of cells by EGFR inhibitors, because in case of the KRAS mutation it has been proven it is ineffective. Presence of the mutated gene KRAS is observed in tumors of ca. 45% of the people affected with colorectal cancer. Detecting the mutation facilitates saving the ineffective therapy side effects.

Test material: full blood (EDTA), cheek swab

Transfer method: blood: 4-10°C (a set for blood tests); cheek swab: room temperature (a set for cheek swabs)

Testing method: Direct sequencing of respective gene’s fragments

Delivery date: up to 10 business days