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Technology - DNA sequencing has redefined research in biological sciences. Next generation sequencing technology sequences millions of DNA fragments in a parallel sequencing, which provides unprecedented scalability for projects of all sizes, including whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, RNA-seq etc. The potential sensitivity is nearly limitless, correlating with the customizable depth of coverage, which permits detection of very rare mutations, transcripts, and biomarkers.

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Standard sequencing (one-way sequencing using either forward or reverse primers)

The service includes the preparation of sequencing reactions using primers provided by the client or standard primers available in our Sequencing Laboratory. The results are generated in abi or ab1 files. Read length is between 250 and 700 - 800 nucleotides.

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Technology: Digital PCR is a new approach to nucleic acid detection and quantification. It offers a different method for absolute quantification and rare allele detection relative to conventional real-time quantitative PCR. Digital PCR works by partitioning a sample into many (up to 20 000) individual real-time PCR reactions; some portion of these reactions contain the target molecule (positive) while others do not (negative).

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Technology - Access Array System is the first high-throughput, target-enrichment system designed to work with all of the major next-generation sequencing instruments, including MiSeq. The Access Array System enables the user to enrich multiple unique targets (such as exons) from a large number of samples, all at one time. The system combines the cost and throughput benefits of microfluidics with the proven performance and flexibility of PCR.

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When it comes to cancer diagnosis, speed and accuracy make all the difference. Thanks to our cancer panels, the diagnoses may be faster and more effective than it was ever before.

The DNA Research Center is a world-class research facility that will revolutionize the way we diagnose and treat cancer. The Centre as the first one in Poland offers three cancer panels targeting genes previously linked to a genetic predisposition towards cancer.

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